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Bored on Vacation? Not Anymore!

You've made it! You booked your RV, flew to Canada, picked up your new home-on-wheels, drove to your campsite, set up, and......

Now what?

We've all been there - feeling lost, or like we don't know what to do in our free time. The truth is, after the hustle and bustle of daily life, the first few days of a vacation can seem.... endless and empty.

But no fear! We've been there! And we've figured out 5 ways to relax, settle in, and change your mind's setting from "go go go!" to "ahhhhhhh!" If you have any suggestions not listed here, please - comment below! We're all keen to hear!

1) Occupy your mind!

Sometimes, all you need to do is to occupy your mind. Then, your body will take over and you'll settle in fine. I find that a book that I've really been looking forward to, or a magazine that catches my eye, or even an audiobook, or podcast, can really settle me in. The one key is- make sure it is something you enjoy. Holidays are for your mind, too! 

2) Occupy your hands!

If your brain just can't seem to settle down, then occupying your hands might work better! Try your hand at whittling, play solitaire, build rock sculptures, give yourself a manicure - the ideas are endless! Here is a video on how to whittle your own rudimentary flute! 

3) Play a game!

If you're traveling with family or friends, playing a game could be just the ticket! Every Happy Holidays Motorhome rental comes with either a deck of cards or a travel game - get that out and give it a try, or even just play tag! It sounds immature, but a healthy game of tag or hide-and-seek can make any vacation seem like a blast! If you're not into something that active, charades or pictionary could be a wonderful option. Here is a tutorial on my favorite card game - golf!

4) Go for a walk!

Get your legs moving, and head out to take a look around! If you're in an RV park, head for a stroll around. Don't be afraid to introduce yourself to your neighbors! RV parks are friendly places, and you never know - you just might end up sharing a campfire with a new found friend. Feeling a little more adventurous? Ask the office or camp hosts what hikes or walks are nearby, and get out and see!

5) Get out and enjoy yourself!

Vacations are a time to yes, relax, and enjoy quiet time. But they're also a way to make memories! There is something amazing and memorable to be seen and done on just about any budget - find one that fits yours, and go for it! Always wanted to go whitewater rafting? Go for it! Never been ziplining? It's worth it! What about a quiet morning paddle on a lake? Rent a paddleboard, and make some memories!

We hope these ideas were helpful, and please - if you have any favorite camping activities, please let us know in the comments!


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