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Pemberton by RV - Best things to do in Pemberton

When we first drove into Pemberton, we were surprised at how small it was. The reputation Pemberton has as an outdoor and mountain paradise is difficult to reconcile with the small(ish) city nestled at the base of Mount Currie. After 5 days, we can say with confidence - there is MUCH more to Pemberton than first meets the eye!

Here is our list of the best things to do in Pemberton:

1) Tour of Dreamcatcher Meadows - the #1 horse breeding and training facility in North America, Dreamcatcher Meadows truly lives up to its name and title. Meet the prize horses, watch a dressage demonstration, and learn all about the fascinating modern world of horse breeding. I am an ignorant horse enthusiast, and Norman is TERRIFIED of horses - and we had an AMAZING time. Visit all the facilities, including the barns, paddocks, embryo transfer lab, and the "timewaster's paddock", where the yearlings learn social skills and bond with each other. 

The highlight of the day was meeting a newborn foal, who was less than a day old - check her out in the video below!

2) One Mile Lake Park - a gorgeous swimming/paddling/lounging spot. We came here every afternoon to cool off and go for a walk through the shoreline trail and boardwalks. Less than 1 km out of town, this is easy access with your RV or by foot!

3) One Mile Eating House - a great local spot with artisan burgers, craft brew, and a large patio with views of Mount Currie. Worth a visit!

4) Joffre Lakes Provincial Park - about 1 hour north of Pemberton, this Provincial Park has glaciers, mountains, waterfalls, and lakes - all for just a 10k hike! Absolutely worth it. (Careful though! Don't trip, or you'll end up like me - hiking down with a flesh wound.)

5) Nairn Falls Provincial Park - for just a short, 1.5 k hike, Nairn falls has a high reward for minimal effort. A gorgeous, churning, upwelling waterfall with a refreshing spray! We recommend hiking in the afternoon, when you can feel the sun and spray on your face from the viewing platform.

For campgrounds, we recommend staying at Nairn Falls Provincial Park - not only is it significantly cheaper, it also is situated in a quiet, shady spot just off the highway. It's close enough to town to make quick trips manageable, but far enough to truly feel like you're enjoying nature at its finest. If you need to dump your tanks or fill your fresh tank before dry camping at Nairn Falls, you can do so at the info center in town - a $5.00 fee gets you a tank empty and fresh fill!

We hope you enjoy the latest in our video series!


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