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Road trip! RVing through the South Cariboo of BC

This week, Norman and I went from Pemberton to Clearwater. For those who are interested in what that looks like on a map, here you go!

All of these cities are along the Gold Rush Trail - apparently, when people STOPPED striking gold in California around 1849, some of them came up to Canada to keep looking! The Gold Rush Trail has lots of small, historic towns (usually named after the mile marker on the route, hence 100 Mile House. Clinton is technically 47 mile house.) 

We spent about a week trekking through the area; if you're taking this route on the way to the Rockies, however, you might pass through quicker. Here is what we suggest, for meaningful stops and activities. 

1) STOP IN CLINTON. Yes, I know that is in all caps, and I meant it to! Clinton is an ADORABLE small town. Eat at the Cordial Restaurant. Go to the museum. (It's by donation.) Take the "Historic Walking Tour" we highlight in the video. Clinton is very proud of its heritage, and it shows. 

2) In 100 Mile House, stop for a Schnitzel at The Happy Landing Restaurant. The portions are HUGE, and the restaurant is owned and run by a Swiss family, so it is authentic. 

3) The drive from 100 mile house to Clearwater is beautiful, but very windy - with lots of twists and turns. There are ample opportunities to pull over and take a few photos, however, and we highly recommend that you do. Do this drive in the morning, and you can pull over and cook dinner with a view of Lac Des Roches! This area is the "Interlaken" of Canada - lots of little lakes, gorgeous countryside, and a large Swiss and German presence.

4) Take the time to go for a swim in Dutch Lake, in Clearwater. The crystal clear water is breathtaking, and very refreshing!

For campgrounds, we recommend staying the night in Clinton, at Willow Springs RV Park and Campground. Wake up there, and get breakfast at the Cordial Restaurant. Hit the museum, and drive to 100 Mile House for a Schnitzel. Next, hit the road again and drive to Clearwater, stopping to have dinner at the rest area at Lac Des Roches. When you get to Clearwater, stay the night at Dutch Lake RV Park - it has waterfront access and a restaurant on site!

And finally, without any further hullaballoo, here is the video of us enjoying this beautiful corridor!


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