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Best Activities in Robson Valley - Blue River, Valemount, and Mount Robson

Norman and I spent a good few days in the Robson Valley Region, and we fell in love immediately. Surrounded by towering, snow dusted peaks, while you're snug and comfortable in meadows dotted with wild roses; it's hard to imagine that paradise could look any different. From our flawed but enthusiastic point of view, here are the must-see and must-do activities in the Robson Valley.

If you’re aching to see some wildlife, you’d be hard pressed to find a better viewing opportunity than the Blue River Safari. While they can’t guarantee you’ll see a bear, the probability is pretty high – and even if you don’t, the river and it’s banks itself are absolutely beautiful!

Once you get to Valemount, the opportunities are seemingly endless. Of the many activities available, we would recommend:

  • Side by Side ATV Tours: For a dusty, exciting, off-road adventure, there’s nothing quite like a side by side. Safer than traditional ATVs, with a roll cage, seat belt, and comfortable seat, these tours are just the right amount of rough and dirty, without being extreme. The region is so gorgeous, and on one of these, you get to see more of it, faster! Click here for more info.


  • Valemount Swiss Bakery: More than just a bakery! The Cremeschnitte is TO DIE FOR, served in large Canadian portions. If you’re lucky enough to be in Valemount on a Friday, go early to lunch to get one of the Schnitzels before they sell out! The owner is a delightful woman with some fascinating stories.


  • Mount McKirdy Cabin: The hike up to the cabin in the saddle of Mount McKirdy was an absolute delight. With viewpoints into the blue and purple valleys all along the hike, there’s never an opportunity to get bored. Once at the cabin, build yourself a fire, enjoy a cup of hot cocoa, and enjoy the absolute silence and solitude of a time long forgotten. To see the hike and cabin, go to 0:32 in the video below!


  • Mount Robson Provincial Park: Start at the visitor’s centre, where the view of Mount Robson – the tallest peak in the Canadian Rockies – is breathtaking. Take half a day to hike to Kinney Lake – an easy 4.2 km walk brings you to a milky turquoise, magical valley from a fantasy world. (To see the lake, go to 2:11 in the video below.)For the truly stout of heart and hardy of body, continue up through the Valley of a Thousand Falls to the glaciers at Berg Lake – but be aware, it is 21 km one way! You can stay overnight, or leave by 5 AM to do the out and back in one day. Make sure to get an orientation at the visitor’s centre before hitting this trail – they will tell you what to watch out for, and everything you need to know! (If you’d like to do the trail, but not willing to hike 42 km, you can get dropped off at the top by a local helicopter company.)


  • Yellowhead Highway: We saw a mother bear with 3 cubs while driving this highway (see the video below at 1:31). One of the groups that stopped to admire told us that she was their 9th bear that day. So slow down, look around, and enjoy the wildlife safely while traversing this highway.


For campgrounds, in Valemount, we would recommend Canoe River Campground – it is close enough to town to make it convenient, and absolutely BREATHTAKING.


In Mount Robson, you can’t really go wrong. The river campground is nice, and Norman preferred it (as you can sleep lulled to sleep by the mighty Fraser River). I preferred the Robson Meadows Campground, because the way the light hits the area makes it seem as if the very ground and trees are glowing. Both are dry camping sites, but they have fresh water in the campground, and a sani dump near the visitor’s centre.


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