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Revelstoke – Best tips, activities, and recommendations

As we continue on our #epicroadtrip2018, Norman and I are constantly surprised and baffled by the sheer amount of beautiful, fun, worthwhile places we visit. Some of these places are well known, others…. Not so much.

We spent a good few days in Revelstoke, and as the adage says – time flies when you’re having fun! Revelstoke is truly one of those places that has something for EVERYONE. Want to enjoy the water? Rent a kayak or go for a guided stand up paddleboarding tour. Hiking? Revelstoke is a hiker’s paradise. Shopping? Downtown Revelstoke has some great shops. Sick of the great outdoors, and want to spend the afternoon or evening taking in a film? The Roxy has 2 showings per day.


Revelstoke truly has anything and everything (ever wanted some curry, but your family is in the mood for Schnitzel? Have no fear – there’s a combo Indian/German restaurant!), our preferences for activities might not be the same as yours. Always feel free to contact us for information and recommendations – we are happy to help!


SO, without further ado, here are our recommendations for a few activities in Revelstoke:


  • Revelstoke Mountain Resort: This ski resort functions as a gorgeous summer day-trip for the warmer months. There are many, many different combinations of activities; we booked the summer special, which included the gondola ride, a buffet breakfast, and the alpine coaster. It was worth every penny! The buffet was delicious, the alpine coaster was thrilling, and the views from the top of the gondola are breath taking.


  • Downtown: If you have a morning, or an afternoon, take a stroll through downtown. The local shops are all charming, and everyone who lives in Revelstoke absolutely loves it. The attitude is infectious.
  • Peak Axe Throwing: For a true Canadian experience, head to Peak Axe Throwing – you might be surprised who is deadly with an axe! (I kicked Norman’s butt. I like to tease him that while his ancestors were milking cows, mine were raiding villages and pillaging.) The owners are infectiously enthusiastic, and you’ll find yourself donning silly costumes and throwing axes with gusto (and not inconsiderable skill) in no time!
  • The Waterfront: Revelstoke is a lake-front town, and any visit should include at least an afternoon by the water. We would recommend visiting Centennial Park Drive – there is ample parking, picnic tables, and a BREATHTAKING view. (Don’t believe us? Check out the sunset we witnessed in the video above!)


For camping, we would heartily recommend Williamson Lake Campground. It is in a relatively quiet park of town, and is very peaceful. ALSO – the Revelstoke Mountain Resort has free dry camping on the mountaintop – just follow the signs! You’d be hard pressed to find better views, but be aware – there is VERY LITTLE SHADE. On a hot day, this option might not be ideal.


We hope you include Revelstoke in your trip through BC – it was truly a wonderful place to visit, and if we had more time, we would have stayed longer!