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Victoria BC – best activities, eats, and sights!

No west-coast RV trip would be complete without a stop in Victoria, BC. The capitol of the province, and one of the older cities in the astounding newness of North America, Victoria combines old-world charm with new-world style in a truly unique way!


Since Vancouver Island is, in and of itself, the size of a small nation, we will be highlighting from Victoria to Coombs (the city with the famous “Goats on the Roof Country Market”) this week. So stay tuned for our suggestions!

  • Victoria city: While you could absolutely join a walking tour of the city, we find the best way to see the sights when you’re on a schedule is to drive! This city has LOTS of character, so take your time meandering the downtown streets by the water – you’ll find lots of charming red-brick, Georgian and Victorian building styles, and excellent boutique goods. Make sure to take a tour after dark as well – the parliament building is truly spectacular at twilight!
  • Il Terrazzo: This Italian fusion restaurant is located at the end of an adorable alleyway. Shrouded in ivy, and surrounded by red brick, you’ll find yourself in a beautifully appointed dining area. The dishes are excellent re-takes on old Italian classics, and if you’re looking for an adventure, order the champagne that they open with a saber! When we lived here, this was one of our go-tos.
  • Fisherman’s Wharf: In James Bay, a district of Victoria that boasts the most heritage homes of the area, you can find fisherman’s wharf- a wonderful micro-community. Fish and chips, Mexican cuisine on the water, and a slew of drool-worthy houseboats in hard-candy colors make this an excellent way to spend an afternoon. (Bonus: you can sign up for Whale Watchingor take a Water Taxifrom here too!)

  • Chemainus, BC:While not highlighted in our video, the town of Chemainus boasts some of the most breathtaking murals we’ve seen! The charming downtown core also sells bath goods and local food. So grab a bite, stretch your legs, and check out the famous murals!
  • Sushi Wara:In Ladysmith, BC, we’d recommend stopping at Sushi Wara for a meal. It is the BEST sushi we’ve had in Canada! (We liked it so much, we went twice. In 24 hours.) When you arrive, you’re going to think we’re crazy – this is located in a less-than glamorous strip mall – but trust me! The food is AMAZING.
  • Goats on the roof Market, Coombs:On your way up the east coast of the island, stop by Coombs BC – not just a market any longer, there is a park, lots of little shops, and some great fine dining available as well! (We were very tempted by the Mexican.) This market is truly a destination – with the goats grazing on the roof, and the delicious homemade, local, and imported goods. (If you’re craving something from home, odds are you’ll find it here!)


For camping in the Victoria area, you pretty much have only one option: Westbay Marine Village. It is the only RV park close to the city, and is relatively easy to use as a base camp for touring the city. If you’re looking to move on on your trip, we would recommend staying the night in Chemainus Gardens. This is one of our FAVORITE RV parks that we have ever stayed at – it is quiet, beautifully maintained, and the area is gorgeous!


Vancouver Island: From Victoria to Port Hardy, this magical, mountainous, truly west-coast destination does NOT disappoint!