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Motorhome and Camper RV Checklist

Whether you are new to motorhome camping, or an RV veteran heading out for the first time of the season, the process of prepping the RV for departure can seem like a lot to remember the first couple of times. It’s not an unusual to head out onto the road, only to have a drawer or cupboard door fly open, or have something slide off the counter.

Below is a handy checklist to refer to before you turn the key and hit the gas pedal.

Click here for a printable version.



One more important detail not to overlook before you hit the road in your RV: Plan your exit strategy. Be sure you know the route out of the campground, and onto the road to your next destination. Whether it’s a 20′ motorhome or a 40′ RV, maneuvering your way out of a tight spot due to a wrong or missed turn is never the highlight of a vacation. A little planning goes a long way to increasing the overall enjoyment of your motorhome vacation.