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10 Day Sunshine Coast Itinerary

Sometimes, you want to go for a long vacation. Something where you can travel far, take your time, and see as much as you can.


Sometimes, though, you’d like to do something shorter. More local. More time to see what is in one place,

rather than cover thousands of kilometers. Maybe you’re from the Vancouver area, and are more in the mood for a stay-cation than a va-cation.


Whatever the reason, the Sunshine Coast has much to offer! This tour can be shortened to fit your schedule, i

f need be, or you can spend all 10 days, and really get to experience the eclectic, small town charm of the Sunshine Coast, BC.


Trip Summary:


Day 1: Gibsons – Groceries, dinner, overnight at Langdale Heights RV Park

Day 2: Hike Soames Hill, head to Persephone for a bite and a brew, dinner at Smitty’s

Day 3: Drive to Robert’s Creek provincial park, Gilker Park/Golf, Dinner at Gumboot

Day 4: Kayaking Tuwanek/Hiking Tetrahedron

Day 5: Kayaking to Thormanby Island, Spa treatment at Rockwater

Day 6: Ruby lake/skookumchuk

Day 7: Powell River/Inland Lake Provincial Park

Day 8: Lund/Savary Island

Day 9: Garden Bay

Day 10: Gibsons


Day 1: Arrive in Gibsons

A Taxi will pick you up at the Vancouver airport (if you arrive same-day), or from your hotel of choice (if you spend the night in Vancouver), and bring you to Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal. You’ll board the ferry, feeling almost as if you’re taking a mini-steamer to our location in Gibsons, British Columbia. (The crossing itself is beautiful, and a great way to experience the coastal islands!)

View from the ferry!

View from the ferry deck!

Someone from our Happy Holidays Team will meet you as you exit the ferry terminal, and escort you to your clean, fully-stocked and ready-to-go vehicle!


After an orientation to the vehicle, as well as a bit of paperwork, we’ll present you with a packet of information that can help you on your way! (Tourist information, a handbook about your RV’s different systems and operations, as well as a few other goodies! You’ll also find a card showing all our different resources online – including an up and coming set of how-to videos, in case you just can’t seem to remember how to operate something!)


If you arrive directly from the airport, we do recommend that you stock up your fridge, maybe grab a bite at one of the many fantastic local restaurants, and get some shut eye at the local Langdale Heights RV Park. If you’re a golfer, they also have a pitch and putt on site!


Restaurant Suggestions: Buono, Lunitas Mexican Eatery, Drift Cafe and Bistro


Campground: Langdale Heights RV Park and Pitch and Putt


Day 2: Gibsons


Start the day off by packing a picnic breakfast, and heading to the nearby Soames Hill Park! There are many trails through the forest, and 2 ways to the summit…. Both are worth it! Hike to the top, and sit down to enjoy your lovely picnic. Enjoy the view, take a few photos, and head back down!

Afterwards, head just one block down the road to Persephone brewing company! This local company has won many awards, not only for their tasty brews, but for community involvement as well! Try a sampler of a few different brews, and if you find anything you like, grab a growler for the road! They also have a pizza truck on site, so if you’re looking for something to nibble, their pizzas are thin crust and feature local ingredients.


Next, head down to Bonnie Brook for a stroll along the beach, and maybe to throw a Frisbee!

Take a stroll along the rocky beaches!

Finally, finish off your tour of Gibsons with dinner at Smitty’s – a local favorite, they serve fresh oysters, seafood chowders, and all kinds of delicious grub, all within a stone’s throw from Gibsons Marina!


Campground: Langdale Heights RV Park


Day 3: Robert’s Creek

Just a short trip down the road, you’ll find Robert’s Creek – a small community, with big offerings! First, stop at Cliff Gilker Park, and take a stroll through one of the most beautiful temperate rainforest parks in the area. Waterfalls, bridges, trellises, benches, and the fresh forest air are a perfect start to any day! We like to bring a thermos of tea (a thermos is included with your rv rental), and sit and enjoy the clean, fresh air.

The river and forest in Cliff Gilker Park

Next, continue your trip with a round of golf at Sunshine Coast Golf and Country Club – we find the front 9 holes to be the most spectacular!


Finally, finish your day of being outdoors with a dinner at the Gumboot Restaurant. We recommend the Buddha Bowl with peanut sauce!


Campground: Robert’s Creek Provincial Park


Day 4: Sechelt (Tuwanek or Tetrahedron)


Today, you have a choice of two spectacular activities – either hiking Tetrahedron – a local hiker’s favorite – or kayaking Tuwanek.


For the hike, take a look at Funtastic Hikes and Tours – they really have all the information you could possibly need! Their local guide Christina is experienced and fun and can take you there in a 4×4 vehicle. If you’re feeling like roughing it, there are 4 first-come-first-serve cabins located in the park, and you can overnight at any of them! Please note that the access road to Tetrahedron is only doable with a 4×4 vehicle and not suitable for your motorhome.


To Kayak Tuwanek, you’ll want to rent your gear from Pedals and Paddles – a local family company operating on the shores of Tuwanek. They’ll give you an orientation, help you pick a route to fill the time you’d like to be on the water (it goes fast, so we recommend at least 2 hours!), set you up with all the safety equipment you might need, and send you on your way!


As locals of the Sunshine Coast, we can say that both of these activities are spectacular and worth your time. We always prefer the view from the water, but if you’re a mountain person yourself – Tetrahedron won’t disappoint!


Finish up your evening with dinner at the Lighthouse Pub – the views up the inlet are breathtaking, and you can watch the seaplanes arrive and depart!


Campground: Bayside Campground and RV Park


Day 5: Kayaking and a Massage


The islands of the coast of British Columbia are myriad and unique – and today, you get to visit one of the few with truly white sand beaches!


First, you’ll need to get yourself to the Rockwater Resort. North of Sechelt in Secret Cove, this resort offers anything from luxury suites, to glamping on the cliffs, to spa treatments reached by cedar boardwalk through the trees. From there, you can take a few kayaks, and head to Thormanby Island.


Thormanby Island is two thin strips of land connected by a sandbar – and you’ll be heading for that sandbar! Enjoy the free pedicure as you dig your toes into the sand, head into the water for a refreshing swim, and don’t forget to bring snacks! Please note that this tour is best suited for experienced kayakers. Beginners and families with children are advised to kayak in Tuwanek.


After your trip, your arms may be a bit tired – after all, you did kayak to an island and back! – so feel free to indulge in any number of spa treatments or massages offered at the Rockwater Resort. Finish it up with a dinner at the resort’s restaurant, with a view over the Malaspina Strait!


Campground: Homesite Creek Campground


Day 6: Skookumchuk or Waugh Lake

Shafts of sunlight poking through the greenery at the Skookumchuk

After sleeping in, enjoy a mostly-flat walk to the Skookumchuk narrows. This area of BC is famous for all the islands, inlets, and intersecting waterways. The Skookumchuk narrows is a waterway where the ebbing and flowing tides meeting ensures a show! At low tide, the rapids are a giant whirlpool; at high tide, a wave!

If you would prefer a less athletic, more relaxing activity, check out Waugh Lake! Learn all about it by clicking here.

Next, head to your campground, Wests Resort in Egmont. A waterfront paradise, enjoy a dip in the lake, do some fishing, or just relax in the pristine wilderness.


Campground: West’s Resort


Day 7: Powell River – Inland Lake Provincial Park


Today, after taking the ferry from Egmont to Powell River, you’ll start the day with a tour of Inland Lake Provincial Park! Beautiful boardwalks, gorgeous greenery, and sandy beaches. Go for a swim, and then head to Townsite Brewing to taste the local brews!


Spend the afternoon relaxing in your camping chairs on the shore of the land, and enjoy a lovely meal in your RV at Inland Lake Provincial Park campground.


Campground: Inland Lake Provincial Park


Day 8: Savary Island


Today you’ll be heading to the Sunshine Coast’s take on the Caribbean island – Savary Island! A water-access only paradise, you’ll first need to take the Sunshine Coast Highway (yup! The one you’ve been following all week!) to the very beginning. At the apex of the highway is the small town of Lund, located at mile 0. From there you’ll take a water taxi to Savary Island! You can absolutely stay on the side of the island you arrive at, with the dock, the beautiful waterfront properties, and the row of Canadian flags! However, just a short hike up and over the mountain will take you to the pristine, squeaky soft sand that attracts locals and visitors alike. Build a shelter out of driftwood, lay out your towels, build a sand castle, or just relax – its all up to you! But make sure to bring lots of sunscreen…. If you’re anything like us, you’ll be in and out of the water all day!

View from above the sandy beach on Savary Island

Campground: SunLund by the Sea RV and cabins


Day 9: Garden Bay

After the days and days of adventure, a day spent enjoying the open road is what you need! Head back down the coast, and take the ferry back to Egmont. Keep driving until you get to Garden Bay – a lovely town hidden in one of the small inlet-coves along the coast. Check in at John Henry’s Resort and Marina, and head out for a stroll! If you’re feeling like you need a little pampering, the Painted Boat Spa offers many different treatments, including massage, facials, and pedicures! Head out for a bite at the Garden Bay Pub, and spend a relaxing evening taking in the West Coast sunset!


Campground: John Henry’s Resort and Marina


Day 10: Gibsons


Today, you’ll be driving back to Gibsons. Head to the public market for breakfast or lunch (depending on if you’re an early riser or if you like to sleep in!). Afterwards, you can take a kayak for a local tour, or go for a sundowner on a sailboat! (We recommend Sunshine Kayaking for any water-based adventures in the area. We’ve been on many tours with them ourselves, and they are great to work with, whether you’re a novice or experienced.)

For dinner, head lower Gibsons, where you can choose from a few different local eateries! For seafood, try Smitty’s – sit outside at the long table, and enjoy the clam chowder with a view of the harbour. For heartier fare, head to Leo’s Tapas and Grill – authentic Greek food, with HUGE portions! If you like Mexican food, try our favorite Lunitas or the Barefoot Gecko If you fancy Italian food, Buono Osteria will not disappoint you . To finish it all off head up to Mike’s place for their (what seems like) hundreds of flavors of homemade gelato, and get ready for your final night in your temporary home!


Taking a sundowner around Keats Island

Campground: Langdale RV Park or Gibsons RV Resort.


Day 11: Returning your RV


Meet one of the Happy Holidays Motorhome staff at the pre-arranged location (usually the ferry terminal) to give back your RV. The staff member will do a quick once-over of the vehicle, record the kilometers, and send you on your way to the ferry!

Once you disembark the ferry, a taxi will be waiting for you, to take you either to the airport (if you’re catching a flight), or to a pre-arranged location.

For more tour ideas, or to help make this one your very own, please feel free to contact us today! We have helped hundreds of clients plan

their dream vacation – let us help you plan yours!


Phone: 1 604 886 9025