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Guest Post: This is Us!!

Remember when Happy Holidays posted about partnering with a young couple to showcase all that BC has to offer? (If not, click here.)

Well, that’s US!

Since we’ll be creating quite a few guest blogs this summer, Norman and I decided we’d like to introduce ourselves.


is is my husband. His name is Norman.

He’s Swiss by birth, was raised in Uganda until he was 18, and at 19, became a scuba diving instructor.

Here’s him doing that:

When we met, he told me all of this, matter of factly, like that’s totally normal.

Because all Swiss 19 year olds grow up in Uganda, speak fluent Italian, German, English, and Spanish, and are scuba instructors. Geez, Leah. It’s like, no big deal.

Once we started dating, things moved pretty quickly. Which is why, when he asked me if I’d like to go back to Canada with him (10 days into the relationship), I said yes.

Since then, we’ve had some pretty epic adventures:

Motorbike trip to Constanza, DR (900 Km on a 98 CC bike)

Crazy hair on the ferry to Victoria!

Skiing at Sundance Resort in Provo Canyon, Utah

Biking the Kettle Valley Trail, Okanagan BC

Backpacking through Switzerland (this was in Zermatt)

So, on to me.

I’m a California girl, who uprooted to Utah, and then to Armenia, then again to Utah, and then to Chicago, back to Utah, and then to the Dominican Republic.

In the middle, with all my supermodel sisters. 🙂

Because, again, EVERY California girl does that. Right?

I speak fluent English and Spanish, and passable conversational Armenian. (Which language do you think I use more??? I know. So close, right? ?)

I’ve always been the unsettled type…. so when I proposed to Norman that we live in a house on wheels, and he was SO DOWN, I knew we were meant to be. (Not everyone wants to live in a less-than-300-square-foot space with their partner.)

I had a typical American upbringing; however, I’m not sure there’s anything typically American left about me. (Except how I look. I look SO AMERICAN. Also, I’m really loud.)

Is my American-ness showing? ?

My work history is quite diverse: I’ve been the Arts and Crafts Director of an all-boys summer camp, a residential property manager, a translator, a teacher, front desk/coordinator of a dental hygiene school, a cleaner, a smoothie maker, a customer contact coordinator for a small business, a dog trainer/sitter, a social media marketer, and now, with our new venture, a photographer, a videographer, and (maybe, if this all works out), a social media influencer.

I am a planner, a doer, a stresser, and a nagging go-getter.

Norman is a liver, an enjoyer, and an all-around sit still and twiddle your thumbs kind of guy.

Together, we make one completely functional adult. (Most of the time.)

Last April, after almost 5 years of being engaged, we made the trip to Yosemite National Park, where he put a ring on it!

Afterwards, as we were driving around the park taking pictures, Norman (who, when we met, declared with the authority of a teenager, that marriage was just a paper and therefore stupid), declared he felt different after getting married. Passing the baton to me, he asked how I felt.

And in a moment of complete non-censure, for which I will be heckled for our entire marriage, I said I felt “old”.

So anyway, this is Norman (and I):

And we will occasionally be adding our spastic, exciting, totally random take on what it’s like to travel BC with Happy Holidays Motorhomes. We’re excited to take you with us!

So buckle up and hang on for the ride!