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Season’s Greetings, and Happy Holidays!

We hope your holiday season was full of family and friends, and that as we all return to our “normal” lives, you can carry the spirit of the season through the year.

This year, we had the wonderful opportunity to visit the 2nd largest Ski Resort in Canada – Sun Peaks – over the Christmas holidays! It was a beautiful, wonderful experience we shared with our family. Every time we visit somewhere new in BC, we remember why we chose to move here.

Here is the village as you arrive in Sun Peaks:

Doesn’t it look like a small village in Germany? Quite lovely.

The weather was beautiful, but COLD. The first day skiing, we got to the top of the lift, and decided to go a little higher on the mountain. Near the top, when we got off the lift, the wind was very, very strong, and there was a sign saying “Strong wind- push off HARD.” Not what you want to see when on top of a mountain on waxed sliding sticks!!

The skies were an amazing shade of blue, and the snow was incredible – light and fluffy! Every morning, you would take the ski lift up and out of the fog, and have this amazing view:

Because it was dry and so cold, the air was filled with tiny almost-invisble snow that resembled glitter. And the sun was creating rainbows everywhere!

Our dog, Jewels, got sore paws from walking around in the extreme cold, so we tried to get her dog booties. The pet store was sold out of her size, so we decided to improvise – with children’s socks!

She was the talk of the town! Everywhere we went, people would smile and point. And the socks did seem to help safeguard her paws against the cold, a little. After a while, she didn’t even mind!

We hope your christmas was equally as memorable! Season’s greetings from all of us here at Happy Holidays Motorhomes!