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Travel with an RV in BC

Being stuck at home can be pretty rough for you, we understand because we are also travelers. The best way to travel for us is obviously with an RV in BC and we think you should try it out. Here is one of our favorite weekend trips for you and your loved ones to share in an RV in BC. 

The Calgary Ranching Country

This trip begins in Calgary, Alberta. You should drive West on Highway 22X (Cowboy Trail) and go through Alberta’s prairie. On your trip, you will encounter Spruce Meadows, which is the #1 show jumping facility in the entire world. Your trip will bring you through the lovely communities of Turner Valley and Black Diamond. 

Bring your RV to Prairies Heritage Sites

Once you are done exploring Black Diamond, go south to Longview to explore the Bar U Ranch National Historic Site that is only 13 km south of Longview. You can also visit Nanton or Fort Macleod or Head-Smashed-in-Buffalo-Jump, it is an amazing Indigenous heritage site. It’s now time to bring your RV in BC.

Waterton Lakes National Park and BC

Drive your RV in BC to the amazing Waterton Lakes National Park and maybe stop for a little picnic? Highway 6 will then take you to Pincher Creek and the Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village, it is a beautiful turn of the 19th-century historic village where the whole family can have fun.

RV in BC

Sparwood and Elkford

You will then drive to Sparwood and visit the biggest tandem-axle dump truck in the whole world. After a short drive in your RV in BC, you will arrive at Elkford and see the largest populations of bighorn sheep in North America. Once you have visited Elkford, you can drive your RV through Sparwood and head out to Fernie. 

Fernie and Fort Steele Heritage Town

In Fernie, you will enjoy beautiful towering mountains, world-class fly-fishing, and amazing golfing. Once you are done in Fernie, you should drive your RV in BC to Fort Steele Heritage Town and the Bull River will lead you to the incredible Kootenay Trout Hatchery. Once you are done, you should drive your RV to Sandy Beach and the Hot Springs.

Hot Springs and Sandy Beaches

If you drive your RV in BC toward the north, you will reach and the sandy beaches and warm waters of Wasa Lake. 

Kootenay National Park to Alberta

Once you are done relaxing on the sandy beaches, you should drive your RV in BC toward the Kootenay National Park. Finally, you should drive your RV east towards Banff and visit this beautiful town. Once you are done, start driving your RV in BC towards Calgary.

Contact us

If you need more information or more travel suggestions, do not hesitate to call us at Happy Holiday MotorHomes. We will be more than glad to help you with the rental of an RV in BC or to plan your trip with your loved ones. Write us an email today and start planning your dream vacation in BC. 

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