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Why Seeing BC in an RV is the Best Family Vacation of 2020

RV Travel for Family Vacations

RV travel is right for most families, those who want to save money, eat healthier, find adventure, and bond with one another. There are so many reasons to travel by RV in British Columbia, but if you have a family, those reasons almost double. Here are some of our top reasons why RV travel in British Columbia is the best for families.

Easily Cleaned

When on your family vacation in general, you don’t usually spend all your time in your hotel, tent, or Airbnb. This is also the case with RV travel. You spend your days outside, hiking, biking, climbing, surfing, etc. Everything in the RV breaks down into a bed and provides enough sleeping space for the whole family. The kitchens are small but work well for cooking on vacation, with all the appliances, space for cookware, and almost as much storage space as in a regular-sized home kitchen. Cooking can be done on the grill or over the fire, and dirty shoes and clothes can be left outside. It takes on average 10 minutes to clean an RV, which leaves more and more time to have your fun outside.

Budget-Friendly Family Vacation

Family Vacations can be costly, especially with lots of kids in tow. Eating three meals a day, plus hotel rooms, gas, adventure, activities, and more can be enough to nearly bankrupt a family. Travelling in an RV, especially a Happy Holidays RV truly is a life hack. With all costs told up front, nothing hidden, and everything you could need during your travel, including towels a part of the upfront cost, nothing is there to surprise you. You can cook all meals in the RV, the campgrounds to park in are hundreds of dollars cheaper than hotel rooms and gas doesn’t compare to airfare. All this leaves you with more money left over for the reason you’re taking the vacation, the fun stuff!

You Can Bring Lots of Stuff

When travelling on an airplane, the cost goes up for each bag that you stow. This means that certain vacations require rented equipment, which just adds to the cost of the trip. In an RV, you can bring every important piece of equipment with you, from the kids’ favourite stuffies to the bikes and kayaks, longboards, camp chairs, tents, hammocks, and more, you can basically pack your entire house!

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Keeping Healthy on the Road

A massive downfall of other types of vacations is the available food options. Usually, vacations involve all restaurants for every meal. Not only does this get expensive, but it also isn’t always very healthy. With an RV vacation, all the food you could need can be fitted on the RV for everyone. Stopping by local farmers’ markets to supplement the fresh foods and veg is another great way to make sure the food you are preparing is healthy and is giving the family the most energy they can have to enjoy the outdoors!