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What to Expect When Renting a Motorhome With Us ?

Renting a Motorhome with Happy Holidays Motorhomes

An alternative to owning a motorhome in Vancouver, a fifth-wheel, or a caravan is to rent one. Average rentals for $1000-$1200 / week are 25-foot Class (the type with the bed above the cab). They have kitchenware, bowls, mirrors, cups, pans, towels, and bedding. All are fully equipped. No care, insurance, or licensing costs are necessary. Just take your clothes and vacation belongings, throw them inside, and get on the road! 

Tips from past RV /Motorhome renters

  • “Always ask what’s in the package of convenience. These models generally include pots, cooking utensils, kettle, coffee filters, utensils, linen, and towels. We wish we had packed a doormat, a tablecloth for picnic tables in the campgrounds, and an axe for cutting wood 
  • “Ask the tenants which campgrounds they prefer. You can get some great discounts often 
  • “Some Motorhomes in Vancouver rental dealers do not allow or restrict pets.” 
  • “Check out the RV’s layouts before you rent. It’s worth going to the dealership before you book to see if it’s right for you and your family
  • “Make sure you know how to operate the specific functions of your RV, such as the air conditioner and the convection oven.” 
  • “The RVing is so much fun! Just make sure that when you make campground reservations, you know the length and class of the RV so that you get the right space 
  • “Get on a routine at every stop: who’s going to get the rig back in? Who will be the navigator? Who’s putting out the awning? Who’s going to get the drinks ready?

Motorhome Vancouver

Renting a Motorhome/RV in Vancouver

There are several types of Motorhomes in Vancouver that are available for rent, all of which depend on your family or where you wanted to visit.

Top 5 Questions

  1. How many people will be staying in your RV / motorhome?
  2. What is the size of RV or motorhome are you comfortable driving?
  3. What is your budget to put towards a rental?
  4. Where do you plan on going, and what kind of terrain will you be driving through?
  5. Will you need to tow a second vehicle?

What to expect when renting a Motorhome

1. Insurance and Driver’s License

  • Most leases come with insurance, depending on the RV rental provider. It is important to check with your car insurance broker to be on the safe side and see whether additional insurance is necessary. VIP or premium insurance packages are available for an extra charge to many rental providers. Learn your articles always with the fine print. 
  • A regular class 5 driver’s license is required for most rental cars, and all the drivers have to be at least 21 and up to the age of 75 years.

Motorhome Vancouver

2. Making a Reservation

  • Most rental dealers would need a deposit to book the RV / motorhome. Drivers must be issued with a valid credit card that is reimbursed upon return of the motorhome to rent (for the deposit). 
  • Search the booking policy for the RV rental dealer. Many people expect you to reserve one month in advance. 
  • It is always good to ask before renting about cancellation policies and fees. 
  • Ask for what the payments contain. Are you willing to pay a minimum or maximum time or kilometer?
  • Make sure you mention where you are going on your holiday to your rental agent. Some limitations may apply, or extra charges (such as surcharges for remote regions) may apply (dealers limit some highways or backroads). 
  • Order racks and storage units if you want to carry bikes or other toys. 
  • Most RV rental dealers provide easy airport and hotel pick-up and drop-off transfers. Make sure you inquire if it is a choice for you, your dealer. 
  • Inquire for storage for your car if you are going to the dealer.

3. What’s in an RV / Motorhome?

  • Many Motorhome rental companies have “convenience packages” In general, these packages contain pots, cooking utensils, a kettle, coffee filters and utensils, and cleaning utensils and towels (broom, dustpan). Tell your rental company what they are offering.