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Rent an RV: Exploring the Amazing Hot Spring Circle Road

Rent an RV with Happy Holidays

British Columbia seems to have more than its fair share in a country blessed with natural attractions, and that is particularly true when it comes to hot springs. It’s not like an adventure like skiing, golfing, or mountain climbing, where you need a unique skill set that applies only to a limited group of visitors; you don’t need any ability to go into a hot spring. You go in there, and you enjoy it with your RV in British Columbia!

The Kootenay Rockies

The Hot Springs and Heritage Circle Tour is an excellent way to start the touring season through the scenic Kootenay Rocky Mountains. The Kootenay Rockies area has national parks, snow-capped mountains, and an unusual anti-cultivation, and is known for its healing qualities in natural springs. These springs and swimming pools are an ideal opportunity to take a dip in beautiful nature. You should consider exploring them and rent an RV in British Columbia

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The Weather

The sunshine that often comes with early summer is starting to shine through the clouds — even though it was in the midst of fresh snow. And as we get coaxed out of sleepy hibernation and head into another great outdoors, we get out there and realize that it’s still pretty damn cold. So what smarter way to kick off your spring and summer activities than a road trip to different hot springs?

Road Trips that Burst with Adventure

Look no further than the spectacular British Columbia Hot Springs Circle Route if you want a road trip that bursts with outdoor adventure, breathtaking scenery, and enough relaxation time. An easy-to-navigate trip through the Kootenay Rockies’ mind-blowing views and spectacular scenery. The circle features 13 stops to see, dine, get involved outdoors, and soak your exhausted muscles in mineral-rich swimming pools. And get this — the majority of BC locals don’t even know it. You should go there, rent an RV in British Columbia and explore this beautiful province.

Route Directions For Your RV in British Columbia

The tour begins and ends in Cranbrook, is about 1,100 km long (640 mi), and usually takes 5 to 7 days to complete. 

From Cranbrook, take Highway 93/95 north towards the Windermere Valley (146 km/88 mi). Follow Golden north (121 km/73 mi) and take Highway # 1 west to Revelstoke (149 km/89 mi). 

The town of Nakusp is south from Revelstoke on Highway 23 (99 km/59 mi), and New Denver is southeast from Nakusp on Highway 6 (46 km/ 28 mi).

Continue south from New Denver to Castlegar (127 km / 76 mi) and then take Highway 22 to Trail and Rossland (26 km / 16 mi).

Northeast on Highway 3B from Trail (41 km / 25 mi) will take you to Salmo, and Highway 6 north (40 km / 24 mi) leads from Salmo to Nelson. From Nelson’s head to Balfour (34 km 21 mi) and take the free Kootenay Lake Ferry before heading south on Highway 3A to Creston (78 km / 48 mi). Highway 3 from Creston leads back to Cranbrook (107 km / 66 mi).

RV in British Columbia

RV in British Columbia

This tour is a great way to explore our beautiful province with an RV in British Columbia. If you need more information or if you want to rent an RV in British Columbia, you should give us a call today.