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British Columbia RV Rental: 3 Tips to Have a Great Vancouver Trip

Plan your Vancouver Trip

British Columbia (BC) is a very large province that is situated on the west coast of Canada. To give you perspective, the size of British Columbia is four times the size of Great Britain. Many rental locations within the province are an amazing starting point for having a great Vancouver Trip in an RV Rental. 

If our experience has taught us one thing, it’s that you will have a memorable Vancouver trip with your family. You will be able to enjoy all the outer areas and explore them in your RV rental, even outside of the main cities of the province. 

Vancouver is one of the wonderful points of interest in the province of BC that is known as the biggest city in the BC and ranked in the top three worthwhile cities in the world. While in the area, you can visit some of the amazing attractions such as Stanley Park, pristine beaches, aquarium, or walk miles of trails. You will also find a great deal of quality rental RV camping surrounding the area of your Vancouver Trip.

If you are travelling to Canada or somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, make sure to spend some time to read the following tips and follow them to get the most out of your time during your Vancouver trip. 

Vancouver Trip RV in BC

Get information about different areas of the city

There are a lot of places worth visiting beyond the city boundary as it’s an incredible destination. The neighbourhoods of Vancouver city have their own quirks and personality. Gastown is a mix of dirty startups that are overloaded with tourist shops. Similarly, Yaletown is all about handbag dogs. Kitsilano is trendy and young, while, East Van is the hipster hangout. 

Spend your valuable time in getting the information about the many areas of your Vancouver trip as you can. All the areas are different, but you will get an idea of where to stay and soak it all in. 


Vancouver Trip RV Rental


Vancouver Trip Transportation Tips

Park your Rv Rental and use the excellent public transit system during your Vancouver trip with buses and Skytrain service to reach in the surrounding areas. Vancouver has achieved an Award of Outstanding Public Transportation system in 2019 by the American Public Transportation Association

Don’t miss the world largest uninterrupted waterfront path that is of 28km long. Car sharing is very popular in Vancouver that offers many dedicated parking sports for car share. 


Vancouver Trip RV BC


Stanley Parks and Festivals Tips

Must visit the Stanley Park Hollow Tree. The Western red cedar is one of the most photographed elements in the park over the years. It was removed in a severe wind storm, but the tree was stabilized by people. Lost Lagoon is an artificial lake that is a nesting ground to many bird species. The ducks and turtles compete with each other for space. 

Vancouver is famous for street festivals and having love affairs. Festivals are everywhere from Greek Days on Broadway to Sasquatch Days in Harrison Hot springs. 

Lastly, a must-visit during your Vancouver trip is the great beaches that are surrounded by a lot of festivals. 


Everyone at Happy Holiday Motorhomes hopes that you will have fun on your Vancouver Trip in an RV rental.