rv rental canadian rockies amazingWe know how stressful it can be to book a vacation from overseas – because we’ve done it! Let our own experience and love for this place work in your favour.

Happy Holidays Motorhome Rental has been a family owned and operated business since 1989. However, we, as the new owners, took over in 2009.

Originally from Switzerland, we have always had the travel bug. After 20 years in Africa (mostly in Uganda), our sons were ready to attend university. As a close knit family we did not like the idea of living worlds apart, so we were looking for a new place to call home together. In the summer of 2008, we decided to explore British Columbia, in the best way possible, a motorhome. We searched for a company offering rentals in Vancouver, and found “Happy Holidays Motorhome”. We liked their simplified approach and honest prices, and booked our first exciting motorhome adventure.

We quickly fell in love with the place! At the end of our first trip, we asked the owner of the rental company if they would sell us one of their units, so we could travel more and explore further. He surprised us by replying: “I am seventy years old and I want to retire. Why don’t you buy my company?”

We laughed all the way back to Uganda about his crazy idea. What did we know about running a motorhome rental business? But we kept thinking about it; after all, our backgrounds (one as an engineer, the other in finance and administration) made it a possible fit – perhaps this was not such a crazy idea after all?

Fast forward ten years – and Happy Holidays Motorhomes is thriving! Through our hard work and experience, we have made our processes fit precisely what we were looking for when we booked our first trip:

  • When we first booked our trip, we had lots of questions and wanted answers. However, most companies were only interested in taking the booking; so, we make it OUR number one priority to offer you more personalized help, advice and information.
  • We initially wanted a straight-forward and transparent quote (most quotes, were and still are, cumbersome and confusing with additional, and sometimes surprising, costs for every item); so for you, we now include everything you need for your adventure, up front, in one price.

Let us help you plan the adventure of a lifetime – and who knows, maybe you’ll decide to move to British Columbia too!




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