What to Expect When Renting a Motorhome In Vancouver ?
Renting a Motorhome in Vancouver with Happy Holidays Motorhomes An alternative to owning a motorhome in Vancouver, a fifth-wheel, or a caravan is to rent one. Average rentals for $1000-$1200 / week are 25-foot Class (the type with the bed above the cab). They have kitchenware, b... more
Why Should You Explore British Colombia In An RV in Vancouver?
Why Travel In An RV in Vancouver? Vacations and road trips bring excitement and opportunity to explore and learn new things. Whenever you are going to plan a road trip with family, friends, and close one, the important thing is to choose the best ride for you. If you are interes... more
RV rental in Vancouver for front line workers and self-isolation.
Helping front-line workers with an RV rental in Vancouver The pandemic has been hard for everybody, especially for the courageous front-line workers that have to get out of home every day to ensure that the essential services are still up and running. At Happy Holiday Motorhomes... more
Planning a Vacation in an RV in BC? Give Us a Call Today!
Travel with an RV in BC Being stuck at home can be pretty rough for you, we understand because we are also travelers. The best way to travel for us is obviously with an RV in BC and we think you should try it out. Here is one of our favorite weekend trips for you and your loved ... more
Tips for RV Travel in the US
Canada is a beautiful, diverse, and wonderful place. There's lots to experience here, and (we think) you could easily spend a whole lifetime exploring! Our location makes us a great jumping off place for an epic Canadian road trip.However, we are also located very close to th... more
Top 7 Ways to Save Money on Your Next RV Trip
An RV trip through western Canada is truly a bucket-list worthy, life-changing vacation. From the towering, glacial peaks, to the vast, wind-swept praries, BC and Alberta are breathtaking destinations, and trust us – pictures CANNOT do it justice. However, RV trips can quickly ... more
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