Rent an RV: Exploring the Amazing Hot Spring Circle Road
Rent an RV with Happy Holidays British Columbia seems to have more than its fair share in a country blessed with natural attractions, and that is particularly true when it comes to hot springs. It's not like an adventure like skiing, golfing, or mountain climbing, where you need ... more
Planning a Vacation in an RV in BC? Give Us a Call Today!
Travel with an RV in BC Being stuck at home can be pretty rough for you, we understand because we are also travelers. The best way to travel for us is obviously with an RV in BC and we think you should try it out. Here is one of our favorite weekend trips for you and your loved ... more
14 Day Tour to Banff – a Complete Tour Itinerary!
Great! You've done it. You've booked your holiday to Canada. But now what? We often have clients looking for suggestions on where to go, what to do - how to make the most of their trip to Canada! Here, we've outlined a tour suggestion - including activities, campground suggest... more
10 Day Sunshine Coast Itinerary
Sometimes, you want to go for a long vacation. Something where you can travel far, take your time, and see as much as you can.   Sometimes, though, you’d like to do something shorter. More local. More time to see what is in one place, rather than cover thousan... more
10 Day Kootenay Rockies Hot Springs Adventure Tour
Are you just DYING for a hot soak in the great outdoors? Have you always found that, after a day of adventuring, nothing finishes the evening better than a hot soak in the tub? Well, then, this hot springs tour is for you! Hot springs are formed in one of two ways: from w... more
7 Day Sunshine Coast Tour!
This itinerary is a slightly shortened version of our Sunshine Coast Tour. This itinerary involves significantly less driving and significantly more relaxing time than our longer distance itineraries - so it would be perfect for anyone looking for more of stay-cation than a va-ca... more
10 Day Coastal Circle Tour
Vancouver Island is one of the most visually stunning, culturally unique places you can visit when renting an RV. And it is truly one of those places where an RV is the ideal way to travel - so much of The Island (as it is called by locals) is wild, so the ability to see the beau... more
21 Day Tour – Whistler, Rockies, Vancouver Island, Sunshine Coast
So you've decided to take a 3 week tour of Canada. Congratulations! There is a LOT to see, and even more to experience. For a trip of this length, you can pretty much see it all.... the Rockies, the Coast, the Island, and everything in between. This tour proposal covers everythin... more
16 Day Tour to Waterton Lakes, Banff, Revelstoke, Kootenay Rockies – a complete itinerary
Day 1: Pick up Motorhome Day 2: Gibsons – Harrison Hot Springs Day 3: Harrison Hot Springs – EC Manning Park Day 4: EC Manning Park – Osoyoos Day 5: Osoyoos – Nelson Day 6: Nelson – Cranbrook Day 7: Cranbrook – Waterton Lakes National Park Day 8: Waterton Lakes Natio... more
10 Day Tour to Wells Gray
Day 1: Gibsons - Harrison Hot Springs Day 2: Harrison Hot Springs - Kamloops Day 3: Kamloops - Clearwater/Wells Gray Provincial Park Day 4: Wells Gray Day 5: Wells Gray Day 6: Wells Gray - Clinton Day 7: Clinton - Lillooet Day 8: Lillooet - Whistler Day 9: Whistler - Gibsons Day... more
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