Why Seeing BC in an RV is the Best Family Vacation of 2020
RV Travel for Family Vacations RV travel is right for most families, those who want to save money, eat healthier, find adventure, and bond with one another. There are so many reasons to travel by RV in British Columbia, but if you have a family, those reasons almost double. Here ... more
Travel Safely With an RV in British Columbia During the Pandemic
Travel safely in an RV   Travelling is evolving and changing constantly, especially during this pandemic. We know that people are scared but they still want to travel and explore the beautiful province of British Columbia. Our team at Happy Holiday Motorhome is excited to provi... more
Early Snow on the Sunshine Coast!
Winter came early this year to the Sunshine Coast! In an area where we've become accustomed to a long winter season of grey skies and rain, imagine our surprise when we awoke to a winter wonderland! Just look at this! We know, we know.... that's not a lo... more
Season’s Greetings, and Happy Holidays!
We hope your holiday season was full of family and friends, and that as we all return to our "normal" lives, you can carry the spirit of the season through the year. This year, we had the wonderful opportunity to visit the 2nd largest Ski Resort in Canada - Sun Peaks - over th... more
A Day On The Water
We have always loved and enjoyed spending time near the water. Whether it be on the water (canoeing, kayaking, sailing) or under the water (diving, snorkeling), we have always believed that some of the most beautiful and peaceful places in the world are accessible only by water. ... more
Enjoying Spring on The Sunshine Coast
The weather is starting to warm up! Our first rental vehicle goes out in just over 10 days. All the new stock has been arriving, and we're working hard to get going on our season! In the meantime, we're trying to spend our days really enjoying the beauty of where we live. ... more
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