Our All Inclusive Package

  • Advice and support
  • No preparation fee
  • Basic insurance
  • Fully equipped motorhome
  • 2 free convenience kits
  • Free airport transfer
  • No surcharge for extra driver
  • No surcharge for US trips
  • Absolutely no hidden costs
All Prices are in Canadian Dollars
Nightly Rates (min. 7 nights)

Rent a Motorhome

All of our motorhomes are completely outfitted and ready to go, including bedding and towels. We provide a full set of kitchen accessories including: dishes, cups and glasses, pots & pans, thermos, cutlery, utensils, first aid supplies and more. We also include equipment for the great outdoors including: a cast iron frying pan, an axe or hatchet, even lawn chairs.

We can also provide you with any travel itinery assistance you may require including: ferries (Inside Passage etc.) and Vancouver or airport hotel accomodation.

Our prices are based on double occupancy and include everything you need. Additional supplies kits are available for only $80(CAD) per person. For complete pricing please visit our Rates page or the Happy Holidays Rental Planner .

Please note that the images and features listed may differ between vehicles. Provided measurements and specifications are approximate and subject to change.


22' - 23' Motorhome


24' - 25' Motorhome


26' - 27' Motorhome


31' - 32' Motorhome