Terms & Conditions


All prices are stated in Canadian dollars.


5% Goods and Services Tax (GST) and 7% Provincial Sales Tax (PST) is added to
all prices.


A liability insurance up to $5,000.000.00 is included in the rental price. (Damages to the
interior not caused by an accident are not covered.) A deductible of $4,000.00 must be deposited
with us before your departure. Please note that the required amount will be pre-authorized on your
credit card. If there is no damage to the vehicle, we will release your deposit within ten days. All
damages must be reported to us immediately.


Collision Deductible Reducer (C.D.R.) You may purchase C.D.R. for a cost of $25.00 per
day. This insurance will reduce your deductible from $4,000 to $600.00 and has to be arranged
before you depart with the motorhome. (Damages to the interior not caused by an accident are not
covered.) If there is no damage to the vehicle, we will release your deposit within ten days. All
damages must be reported to us immediately.

Security Deposit:

We require a security deposit of $500.00 which will be released within ten
days if the vehicle is returned undamaged, clean inside and outside, with all inventory, empty
sewage tanks, and full gas and propane tanks. If the holding tanks are not emptied, we will
deduct $100.00. If the vehicle is dirty inside or outside, damaged or inventory missing, we will
deduct the appropriate amount.

Extra Mileage:

We offer 500 km packages at $190.00 and 1000 km packages at $370.00.
Additional kilometers are calculated at 41 cents per kilometer. There is no refund for unused


Our motorhomes are not to be driven on snow covered roads, Hwy#6 north of Ross
River, Hwy#10 north of Tuchita, Hwy#5 north of Jack Wade and Hwy#4 and #6 in Alaska. Travel to
Mexico, Death Valley and Nevada (except Las Vegas) is not permitted. No travel on roads marked
“summer use only or 4×4 only”. Damages due to driving in restricted areas are not covered by the
insurance and are at the renter’s expense.Age: All drivers must be 21 years of age, hold a valid driver’s license and possess a valid
credit card. Only drivers listed on the contract are allowed to drive. There is no additional fee
for extra drivers. For drivers younger than 25 years of age the CDR insurance is mandatory.

Guaranteed Booking:

When you confirm your booking with us, we will send you an invoice. A
deposit of $500.00 is due immediately, and the balance is due 60 days before the start of the
holiday. Monies may be paid with Mastercard , Visa, American Express or bank transfer. Please
note that we charge a processing fee of 3% for credit card payments exceeding $500.00.We
highly recommend that you purchase cancellation and medical insurance. We reserve the right to
substitute a similar type vehicle if the reserved vehicle type is not available. Floorplans are
representative only and may vary.


The handing over of the vehicle will occur by appointment only. Guests who arrive at
the Vancouver airport after 12:00 noon need to make arrangements to spend their first night in
Vancouver. Complimentary transfers from the airport or airport/downtown hotels are arranged
with your booking (Complimentary transfers are not applicable for short term rentals under 10
days). We are closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.


The return of the vehicle is to occur by latest 10:00 a.m. Changes are only possible if
arrangements have been made beforehand. If the vehicle is returned later than arranged, a fee
of $50.00 per hour for the first 3 hours, and $400.00 per extra day will be charged. If the renter
will be late, we are to be notified as soon as possible. The vehicle is to be returned clean with
empty holding tanks and full gasoline and propane tanks. Complimentary transfers (except for
short term rentals under 10 days) to the airport or downtown are easily arranged.

Early Returns:

We’re sorry, but there are no refunds for early returns.
Repairs and Maintenance: Our fleet of vehicles is in top mechanical condition. In the unlikely
event that a mechanical failure occurs, clients are authorized to proceed with the necessary
repairs up to $ 100.00. For expenses exceeding that amount, clients must telephone for
authorization before proceeding with repairs. Replacement parts and receipts must be returned
to us for reimbursement. Clients assume all responsibility for damage to tires and rims. Oil and
tire pressure must be checked regularly.

Convenience Kits:

Convenience kits for two persons are included in the rental price.
Additional persons will require personal convenience kits, which are priced at $90.00 per
person. The kits include dishes, cookware, pillows, bedding, towels, and camping chairs,
among other items.

Preparation Fee:

We do not charge a preparation fee. However, for short term rentals for
less than 10 nights, we do charge a short term rental surcharge of $150.

Refund Policy:

We will charge a $200 cancellation fee if cancelled up to 30 days before the
start of the rental. The balance of what has been paid at that time will be refunded.
Unfortunately, no refund can be given when cancelled 29 – 1 days before the start of the

Our All Inclusive Package

  • Advice and support
  • No preparation fee
  • Basic insurance
  • Fully equipped motorhome
  • 2 free convenience kits
  • Free airport transfer
  • No surcharge for extra driver
  • No surcharge for US trips
  • Absolutely no hidden costs

All Prices are in Canadian Dollars
Nightly Rates (min. 7 nights)